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This is just a stupid little thing I want to ask you guys to do.

I want to make an AMR playlist, with one song for each played character, in order. Ran it by Forte for the hell of it, got a resounding OK, so figured ‘why not’, and here I am:

Reblog, reply or askbox me one song you feel fits your character (or if you play multiples, send me one for each).  It can be ANY genre, it does not have to be a stage theme (I would rather it not actually haha) Something you feel describes or otherwise fits how you play them, any good reason you can come up with! (If in the strange event we get double of a song, I’ll let the second person know privately kjgdfn)

So yeah, PLEASE think on it and let me know! I’ll link it up on the AMR tumblr with the start of the tracklist once it gets rolling a little bit. C:

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